Nameplate for your new House or Flat (Where and How)


There are multiple reasons to get a Nameplate, but making the first impression is a matter of choice.  Here are some best handmade and curated Nameplates specially personalized for you,  check it out here :


Today is the world of Ecommerce and online shopping, whether it is Veggies, Fruits, essential things, home decor, medicines or gifts. Everything can be ordered online and received instantly without going out of the house or interacting with anybody.

But to receive these items on time without any hassles, it’s important that your address is locatable easily.  The excitement that something new is on the way is overwhelming in itself.  It makes us feel miserable when it doesn’t reach on time or is not able to reach you because of address issues. 

A catchy and noticeable name-plate will ensure this dextrously. 

Why is nameplate important?

A Nameplate is the first impression of a visitor who enters your residence. It not only provides all the information required to search for your house, but its style tells a lot about the personality of the members of the house. For most of the personalities it’s a style statement which shows the warmth with which it welcomes the visitor. According to Vastu experts, a nameplate brings in positive energy into the house. 

Let me tell you a small story of a NRI friend who had a recently visited India:

Kaira was an NRI and had to suddenly visit India for business purpose. The meeting was in Mumbai; however there was a layover at Bangalore for 22 hours due to some technical fault. Now she had no option but to stay at Bangalore for a day.  There were no hotel bookings available nearby and so she decided to visit her cousin who was married off in Bangalore.  

She thought of giving her a surprise rather than calling her and informing her about her visit. So she took a cab and reached the outskirts of Bangalore, where her cousin stayed.  It was around 10.30 Pm and since it was on the outskirts of the city, the street lights were minimal. 

Kaira had visited her house the last time she came to India around 15 years back.  And her area was now well developed, the face of the houses had changed and she could not find a single person, whom she could ask for her address. She did not want to call her and spoil the surprise.  Now, she kept walking on the street with all her luggage looking for her cousin’s house. 

Suddenly she saw a bungalow with a huge alphabet on the main gate with lights, this made her curious and she went closer to look at this alphabet.  So there it was a fancy huge alphabet which was the initial of her cousin’s husband and his name put across the alphabet glittering with lights around. 

She was impressed and gave out a breath of relief with a smile.  

Important Investment :

Lot of people don’t find enough reasons to invest in a Nameplate, but other easy to locate a house, there are lot of other reasons why people should invest in a Nameplate.

  1. Vastu Shastra : Good things and opportunities comes knocking to your house and attract positive energy inside the house
  2. Doorstep delivery:  Everything you get home delivered to your house with ease and on time.
  3. Personality of the owner: A Nameplate describes the personality of the owner, for example an person who loves to do gardening will keep a design with more of green colour and plants, birds painted on the Nameplate. Or the plate would be in a shape of a tree etc.
  4. Warm welcome:  A good and welcoming Nameplate is a chivalrous and gracious way to greet a visitor before opening a door.  They feel nice and happy looking at the attractive Nameplate before entering the house, thus bring in lots of positive energy.

Things to check before selecting a Nameplate:

  1. Size of the letters on the Nameplate: If the Nameplate is supposed to be put up on the main gate of an independent house, then the height of the letters should be at least 5 inches. But if it is on the door of an apartment, the height of the letters could be around 3 inches. 
  2. Colour Combinations: Select a Nameplate with contrast to the wall or the door. The contrast in colours will bring out the style of the Nameplate and make it look attractive.
  3. Information: Ensure all information including the house number is mentioned on the Nameplate with your name and surname.
  4. Material of the Nameplate: when you select the material of the nameplates like Acrylic, Metal, Brass, wooden or glass, ensure the material withholds the style and design in all weather’s and years to come.
  5. The Nameplate should be easily visible from a distance and highlighted with lights, so that your house is locatable during the night time too. 

Some of the best and fancy Nameplates with lights are available here:


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