Top 3 Social distancing gifts online – Diwali 2020

Deepawali is a festival of lights, happiness, love and prosperity. This is the time to get along  your loved ones, celebrate and enjoy the beautiful festival of lights. But this enjoyment remains dull and tasteless without the gifts.

Enough of soan papdi, diyas, crookery, etc. which keeps playing the game “passing the parcel” throughout the season and the next season. Gift has to be a special one which reminds your loved ones of the cherished memories with you. Something which keeps reminding of the happy moments spent with the family, the lights of prosperity, whenever the loved one gets weary and sad.

And personalized Gifts are the perfect choice for a special message, for cherished memories,  for long lasting remembrance and smile. 

Here are few personalized extraordinary and astonishing Diwali 2020 gift ideas for different people in your life:

1) Personalized Reversible Sequin Pillows : 

personalized magic sequin cushion

This gift is a very thoughtful and empirical gift, which reminds of those happy days with the message on the pillow. A pillow acts as a punching bag or a hugging partner to snuggle into whenever you feel sad. A happy message or a memoir image which flips itself when you run your hands on the sequins on the pillow is the perfect gift when you are sad. Just get a nice message to lift up the spirits of your loved one with an image of you both to recall some esteemed memories.


2) Personalized Wooden Engraved Name Wall Light :

Diwali is a festival of lights, and no other gift could be better than a glowing wall light with the name of the person. Or some words which reminds the receiver of the beautiful memories. Kids will love their name glowing in the dark as a night lamp. This light features the name in cutouts and can be attached to the wall. A perfect gift for a homely feeling.


3) Personalised Touch-light and Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Today’s generation does not like gifts which are consumable or artefacts etc. they expect gifts which they can use practically and enjoy their life. Diwali Gifts to a teenager or an elder would be different.  Add magic to the speaker with a touch light and a  picture of your loved one.


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