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My Sequin India

My sequin is an online store for personalized gifting. They provide very unique and best gifts for loved ones, especially with whom there are memories to cherish. These unique gifts are heart touching with a special message straight from your heart, some memories which you present along with the gift to cherish for a lifetime.

These gifts become more special when bought with My Sequin discount codes and budget friendly prices.  

Yes, My Sequin is currently giving away huge discounts and cash backs on all their products.  Your search for Mysequin Discount codes ends here. Read further to check the discount codes.


Online Shopping and Discounts

With the increasing lifestyle requirements, we have most of the people working from home or from office.  This also includes women who generally handle all the household work including shopping. 

With the current situation of women empowerment, we find most of the families are time-strapped. They prefer spending time with their friends and families rather than going out shopping. And this lead to searching for convenient options, shortcuts which let them spend time at home.

Online shopping is considered to be the most convenient option which not only saves time, but also gives the comfort of returning the product back if it’s not as per requirement. The only drawback with online shopping was that women could not bargain the price for the product. But if the same product is available online with a discount, one would happily buy the product. 

Discount gives a sense of satisfaction comparatively to buying the product on full price. Very few consumers buy the product online with full price. 

So with online shopping, the demand for discount codes have also increased manifold. People look for discount codes on the web to increase their savings on the product. Discounts may be in the form of coupons, free delivery or may be on the next shopping on the store.




Looking for MySequin discount code? Since you have made it till here, we want to reward you with a special discount code :)


USE CODE: BLOG7 during checkout and claim your additional 7% instant discount! Shh, keep the code secret. It's not for everyone ;) 


BUT WAIT, all purchases at MySequin India also gets Assured 25% Cash Back. So you get 7% discount code above + 25% Cashback to your MSQ Wallet!  

MySequin India gives away huge discounts to its customers as a gift for shopping online with them. You get straight 25% Cash back as MSQ Wallet for every purchase made on the website. This cash back can be used for future shopping on the website. No code required to claim the cashback! 


MySequin coupon code provides and instant 7% discount over and above the 25% cash back by using MySequin Discount code – “Blog7”.

Just put in this MySequin Coupon code while checking out and get the instant discount.


What you waiting for? Check all MySequin India products @ https://mysequin.in/collections/all 

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